Sunday, December 28, 2008

The New Year is aproaching!

Another year has COME and GONE! Our family is heading in good directions and I am pleased with the progress we have made for the most part. I have been mulling over my goals and focuses for the coming year. My Christmas attitude has helped me want to make sure Christ is the forefront of my family. I have been THIRSTING for the scriptures and increased spirituality. I find it so hard to get that at church teaching 7 year old's. I have started watching a lot of the BYU channel and found the discussion groups on scripture study. This has helped to water a bit of my thirst. I love & miss discussing doctrine and church history, I have suggested a scripture study group for the enrichment mini groups to help fill the need, but have not seen anything yet. I will have to take matters into my own hands and arrange something to help with this.

I am losing my Paulaness. I am disappearing and Bill's wife and the kids MOM is all that exists anymore. I am trying hard to find her, I need to find her. I am going back to school, but even that is a mothers goal to enhance her resources should something happen to my husband. Where did I go? Every loud laugh or silly song sung that others rebuke me for or become embarrassed by makes my essence evaporate. I feel the spunk and individuality that was me, melt away and drip of my fingers like too much rain water. Does the weight of responsibility automatically crush our heart song? Do we as women mold ourselves around our husband and kids to protect them, yet in the process lose and forget the shape of our souls?

With these things in mind, my two biggest goals for this year are to stop being a lukewarm handmaiden of Christ and find an altered Paulaness that incorporates more of the me I miss. It is almost like I don't know who I need to be so I have created a default stereotypical character to portray. Perchance these two go hand in hand, if I quench the spiritual thirst, I can revive the Paula that I have been dehydrating. we shall see...

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Santa brought us lots of fun things but the biggest hit was the trampoline. It was the best thing ever. My house is so much quieter now. However they want to start jumping at 7 am. I make them wait till at least 8:30 and they are bitter. But they are having a gay old time.

Friday, December 19, 2008

School Christmas Parties!

WHEW!!! The week is over and I am so glad!!! I have been out of school and it is a good thing. This week has been crazy with PTA Angel tree pass outs, student behavior incentive stores, teacher appreciate lunches and school parties in 5 different classrooms at 3 different schools. I guess this is good, cause now I am excited for the kids to be out of school for winter break, just so i don't have to make an appearance at any of their schools. It has been good in that i felt like a good involved mom this week.

Now that I look around my house I just don't feel very Christmas-ey. The Christmas spirit always seemed to be alive and well in my mothers house. I might have to reclaim the stereo I gave to Leelani so i can start piping some Bing Crosby throughout the house. Maybe that will help. We have had the tree up and the lights on it for ages but still haven't decorated it. So tomorrow we are going to finish decorating the tree, put out the nativity scene and finally hang the stocking. Currently they are in a pile next to where they need to be hung.

We have been doing the 12 days of Christmas to 5 families, so we have been busy making those everyday and delivering. The kids have been doing great. We love to watch the twins sneak. It is pretty amusing. Bill tells them they do their Native American ancestors proud with their sneaking skills. Kaiyla tells us it is because she is a little bit super hero. I must agree. It will soon be time to break out Christmas Vacation and really start to feel the holiday. I am surprised that the traditional Christmas shows are not on TV. I blame part of not feeling the holiday spirit on that. However my children think Shrek the Halls is a classic, so maybe I am excited about not seeing some of the shows. I am trying hard not to watch anything on the Hallmark channel or USA. Those can be very tear jerking and suck you in even if you don't think you are interested. BEWARE of those hokey movies, they will draw you in and keep you awake till all hours of the morning.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tiss the SEASON!!!
Finals are over for me YEEEAAHHH!!!

We are moving along nicely and gearing up for Christmas. We are working on our 12 days of Christmas which i might just have to do an email version as well. Thank might be fun. I think i may post them on there as well. Not that anyone will actually look everyday. But i did some cleaver ones i was proud of.

We have a Christmas clip from the kids, it took us hours to get a reasonable clip and even that was interesting. Well they say in the movie business never work with kids or animals... now i know why.

Be Positive and KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! That is what we have been trying to enforce in our kdis this year. I have had to resort to it is Jesus birthday party and he is so special that everybody knows about it and that we give physical gifts to one another because we can't give them to Jesus. Jesus told us to love one another so we give them gives to let Jesus know we remember him. I feel so corny at times, but i really want them to understand what it is about. All of our family home evening lately have been on the subject. I think tonight i need to google the Christian Origins of St Nick and help them understand why Santa is even involved. I wonder that myself sometimes. We focus so much on him we lose the religious signifigance of him. Have a Happy day and reiterate to your kids what Christams is all about! Love YA!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


TO translate, That is Texan for
Bill and Nikki pose for us while Evelyn (his mom)
teaches Leelani how to make a pie.

Grandma Evelyn taught Leelani how to make her famous apple pie. The one that you only get if you are dying or at a funeral. I must admit this is the first time of 89 years of marriage that i was graced to have a piece. I must admit... it is worth dying for. It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! So now Leelani should be able to make it for us anytime. YEAH!!!

We traveled to the Cabelo's superstore. They have a taxidermy museum complete with Elephant, and every kind of deer you have ever seen. It was a lovely day!

Justine and Lydia's family joined us. THERE WAS WAY TOO MUCH FOOD!!! It is so hard to see traditions change so much over the years. The way i tried to honor my thanksgivings past was to have every type of pie known to man so the kids could choose. And we had lots of different types of soda. I know that was something that always sticks out in my head as being so cool about Thanksgiving. We are so grateful Bill's parents were able to come and spend this time with us. We are blessed to have so many great things, friends and people in our life. We love our new home and appreciate all that we have in our lives.
We are truly blessed!
Thank you for being a part of our lives.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HO hum!

Well i should be running around cleaning... but that is not happening. I painted a room yesterday and apparently my legs didn't like all the up and down on the chair. I am very sore and tired. I had some health issues that wore me out last week and i am tyring to find the energy to do anything constructive. OH well.. i need a 5 hour energy shot and i will be fine.

We are having a bad week with our kids completely ignoring us. I get very tired of little people doing whatever they want to do. It is very frustrating. I understand it from the 4 year old... but from an eleven year old? That is the one that gets to me. She should know better. Apparently we are not threatening enough. I guess we have to work on what will really bother her. Right now she is in her bedroom allegedly cleaning it. We shall see how that goes for her.

I think i am overwhelmed this week. Just too much to do, not enough time and not feeling very well still. OH Well life will go on.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well Bill has been working on cleaning carpets. I think i should have stayed away longer, cause now it looks like i am working on them. It is amazing how big the room seems when you are shuffling along at such a low pace. They look so much better that the kids may never get to come in from outside. HA HA. How come the only time they want inside is when you tell them they can't come in? Oh well one day they will be all clean then i would have to start over where i started. If we ever build a custom home. I am going to have a drain installed in the kitchen. Just like you see at fast food places, they soap up the floor then squeegee it down the drain. That and of course i will have one whole wall that is a urinal in the boys bathroom.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cleaning Extravaganza!

Well i have just informed the children that tommorrow we are cleaning!!! They are not so happy. I am thrilled. I am going to have to pull out my creativeness to get them motivated. The last month has played out like this... Nikki brought the flu into the house, it then worked through all the kids one by one. Of course we have so many kids that by the time it was done we started all over again. So my puke scrubbing for two weeks led to me screwing up my back. Well i tried to be good and not do too much, but i always did just enough that i had a good day and three bad ones. And of course in the middle of it all we had to stop and decorate for Halloween. So my house is a white hot mess!!! I just don't even want to come home, so it is time to see if i can screw my back up again by doing a major cleaning day. Time to get the rake out and clean under beds and backs of closets too. I loooove to see their faces when i pull the rake out to check way back under the bunk beds. I think we may do a preliminary toy toss from the play room to start preparing for the Christmas onslot. OHHH i love to make kids miserable!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy Halloween! The kids had a great time! We had a fairy, a Genie, a two headed monster, a scream guy and a sassy pirate. I should have known the night would not be my favorite when the jello brain i made for dinner to be cool did not go over well. Apparently it looked so good they were grossed out and thought i was trying to feed them raw brain. Even after telling them what it was and them watching me eat it, they did not want any part of it.

If there is a Halloween equivalent to "Ba HUM BUG" I need to know it. I was sure feeling it at only 7:15 last night. I was ready to send every one to bed and turn the light of and lock the outside door.
I usually love Halloween, but after decorating and then taking our kids trick or treating for a Little while I was so done!Everyone (including me) was so over stimulated they wouldn't listen to anything. They had a good time and were super cute, but i am glad that it is over with. The excitement of the event was killing everyone. To my sweet children's credit, it was the excitement of getting to wear our new costumes and wear make up. The candy was incidental. I appreciate that they are not real candy crazy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Volunteer Central-

So this week was Leelani's School Fall Social. Of course i am kinda of in charge of it from being PTA president. We chose a fear factor theme and had a rock wall, carnival, dancing, obstacle course and of course gross food. I did cow stomach lining, cow tongue, weird sardine mash, fish eyes (dried pickled cocktail onions). Everyone had a great time, but i am glad it is over!!!

Kaiyla (left) and Nikki (right) were the most creepy talked about thing. Kaiyla's was hilarious!!! As soon as we put the makeup on her she got her evil face on and would creep around and crawl around looking mean. Every once in a while they would reach out and gently grab someone ankles. OOOHHH that was a hit. I heard people everywhere talking about "those creepy little girls." When parents would tell me how creepy they were I simply said, try living with them. HA!

We did a haunted house, i made a 12 foot skeleton thingy to hang from the ceiling. We had the kids dressed sort of like the grudge face kids. They were uber creepy. It was fun. It is amazing when you phone number is out their for public comment and question how many weird things come crawling through the phone line. So i drug myself home at 11pm from cleaning up and counting all the money, and woke early in the am to realize i had to make spirit sticks and it was my week to work the concession stand for Leelani's Cheer team. I am just tired of being a public free servant this week. Will be nice to rest tomorrow. OH wait it is Sunday, there is certainly no rest tomorrow. Better get my lesson ready to teach kids tomorrow and write a 2 talks for my kids to give at church. I am hoping this is just a busy time of year and not my new life for good.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have a SNEECRET!

That is not a typo, the twins pronounce the word secret as a "sneecret". It is so cute we haven't really corrected it yet. Although , when they are 18 it won't be so cute. But then again when they are 18 i will be so busy regretting that we laughed when they used to say "What Everrrr LOSERRRR!!, i won't be so worried about the sneecret impediment. Their secret tonight was they got a strawberry sundae from Dairy Queen while their siblings were at a swimming birthday party at a hotel. My "sneecret" is i got to play mommy at 3 am and scrub strawberry puke off the couch cushions outside in my pajamas. Oh the joy of sick children!!! Yet another difference in the twins, Kaiyla will let it fly where ever she is. Nikki, well, Nikki will hold it in her mouth until she gets to the toilet. As nasty as that sounds, as grossed out as i am by it, it does en deer her to me even more. Just thought I would share since I am wide awake after my outdoor my pine sol aroma therapy session.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Twin Tales

OK this week has been very boring compared to last week. This week my twins are back to their clever little selves. The new thing for the twins this week... peeing standing up like a boy. This is a delightful new addition to my cleaning regime. I shall add it to the standing on the toilet seat, squatting butt naked and pooping. And of course the gluing all of their artwork to the walls. I am still sad that tacky glue does not get wet again and wipe off. Things you learn. But my shock of the week is magic eraser gets sharpie of from carpet. Yeah!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We are now a forever family!!!
Ok ,ok ,ok we know about the whole endure to the end in obedience thing. It was a lovely day in Dallas.
We went to the temple at 12 to fill out necessary paperwork. I guess they want to make sure you didn't pick up random kids are are being sealed to them. Anyway it was sort of cute, as soon as they pinned that little yellow slip on me that said we were part of a sealing, EVERY little old lady that saw stopped me. The first question out of all their mouths, "Are you part of that family with 5 kids being sealed.?" So i told the story about 15 times. They then had to all get permission to sneak down and see our children. I had two of them come back to me weepy eyed telling me how beautiful my kids were.
I must admit they were adorable! I had these little tuxes for the boys and the gossamer sash dresses for all the girls. They looked so cute and were so quiet. I was very happy with how well they did. They thought it was great. Of course it was just because they didn't have to go to school today. HA HA.
Directness is a family virtue!
So my father tell this story about a sealing he went to recently that the sealer went on so long that halfway through the sealing the kids were standing on the alter. Then he gave a little spill about how you just can't be long winded when you have kids involved. The sealer snapped his head and looked at dad... dad just nodded at the sealer. Apparently my dad was putting him on notice. HA! I had no idea this happened till afterward when my friends and Bill was talking about it. Oh well.. the sealer was short and to the point. After Bill told me about it i sort of slapped my head and told him that made me feel like part of the Mormon Mafia.
I did very good and did not cry. I am amazed at that myself I cry at Chuck E Cheese for heavens sake but i didn't at the temple. There were a coule of times i lost it a little, but i recovered fast.
First was when we were all walking in passed the man that checks reccomends. I was behind them and saw all my little ones with their arms folded in there sunday clothes following the temple matron.
Second was when the people that came to watch the sealing came in. I was shocked at some of the ladies that came. It meant a lot to me. I was indeed very happy and relieved it is finally finished.
We are official in heaven and on earth. Thanks for all the well wishes! We love and appreciate you!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I love to see the Temple!

It has finally arrived. We are being sealed to our children this Wednesday, September 24th at 12:30 in the Dallas Temple. The kids are very happy and excited to wear their whites. I got the cutest little tuxes for the boys , all the girls have matching dresses and are so very happy. My Father is flying in from AZ for the event. Very exciting. Thanks so much for all your well wishes. We will keep you posted.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Hide-a-ways

What do you do when the hurricane is lapping at you cities door? When the news tell you to stay in doors? Well you make Cookies! Lots & Lots of


We have had our first ever COOKIE-PALOOZA! You make as many different kinds of cookies as you can stand. We are in no danger what so ever. It is windy and rainy but the kids were a bit freaked from talking about the storm at school so much. We had a great day and got some cleaning done. I laughed hard, my children have changed the words to the song "Follow the Prophet, don't go astray" They have been singing "Follow directions, don't stop and play". I laughed very hard. I like it and i think it is our new theme song.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spirit Sticks for Cheer

Apparently there are some traditions and customs for cheerleaders here in TX that i am not aware of. My naivety could be an embarrassing problem for my daughter. She brought home a paper that said they needed toilet paper rolls and candy for "spirit Sticks". Well i interpreted toilet paper rolls as rolls of toilet paper. So we got home and i got her a four pack of toilet paper out. I thought about what a "spirit Stick" with toilet paper could be. I envisioned them putting the toilet paper on a dowel rod and letting it stream behind them as they ran around the field.

When mentioned to a friend that i bet the groundskeepers were not happy with all the toilet paper at the games, she crinkled her face and started asking questions. When she finished laughing her makeup off, she told me i was fired from anything related to cheer and my daughter was suppose to call her and get approval from anything i told her, so i didn't embarrass her.

Apparently "spirit sticks" are made by filling the cardboard toilet paper rolls with candy then making them look like tootsie roll presents. Ok so i am daft.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

First week of school OVER

Well we have survived the first week of school. We are settling into a routine and that is good. Leelani also started cheer this week. She is in love and ever so excited. I just think why have i given her another reason to scream. I enjoyed my classes except for math. I won't go on another tangent about how some higher maths just seem so stupid and it seems there are so many steps to make and unmake that negate each other and i find myself asking why we couldn't skip all those steps. OH well i will learn to like it... i don't know that i will ever understand it because it is just not logical in my head. OH WELL.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

PTA & The Grocery Game

Ok... I have had a very grown up feeling week. I realize i am 36 years old. But i don't think i have felt like such a "MOM" ever in my life. Between: getting 5 kids school supplies and clothes, being up at Leelani's school distributing school supply kits, and bringing and arranging food for Teacher Appreciation Luncheon's and calling a hundred people for PTA recruitment, getting my books and supplies as well as getting me registered for college. Then to top it all off, Lydia called tonight and wanted to teach me The Grocery Game. It is this cool system for coupons and store sales. It was pretty fun. SO i have to tell you. I bought $383 worth of groceries and a few remaining school supplies i needed for $194. I saved almost half. My Friend teaching me was sort of sad i had to buy eggs and milk for my standard groceries cause it messed up my average... You just never see milk coupons. Bottom line it was a busy week, but a great week. This week has made it very clear to me that i am just much happier in life when i am busy, like crazy busy. It satisfies some sick twisted need to feel useful. I have given up sleep because it is my only alone time, but i should be able to sleep again when school starts up. HA!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School for me too!

Becky has inspired me! My personal goals keep getting interrupted with everyone life but my own. Something in the Visitgn teaching message spoke to me. That as women we get lost in our responsibilities and forget who we are at our core. I can SO agree with that. I am someones, mom, wife, president or friend. Where did I go in all of this? Well all 5 kids are in school so i thought this is the perfect time to finish up my degree. I have so many credits here and there that i really need to get them compiled into something. I am signed up for classes again. I was going into special ed. Well honestly i feel like i deal with Special Ed all day with my own little ones. But i still am drawn to teaching and or social work. I will finish my teaching certificate of course, but i am going to social work as well. Do a major in one minor in another situation. As it is i have 3 years worth of credits but i need to get them into some form. I keep having to start over at different schools and that so screws up my timeline. Anyway... i will plug away some more at them. Slow and steady wins the race as they say.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nearing back to school

Well i had my first really long day as PTA president. It was schedule pick up and we sold, school supply kits, t shirts and i pimped PTA memberships. I was able to coax the remainder of ladies for my board. I am feeling pretty spiffy. Maybe i won't do such a dismal job after all. Time will tell. We had a stellar turn out and almost sold out of all the shirts. I even found men for the Dad's Club that i want to start. FUN FUN FUN!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Aries Personality Traits

OK i got sent an email that had one of those astrological personality profiles. I know the chinese zodiac says i am a RAT. I must admit it is scarey how accurate that one is. I do not live my life by signs, astrological nor chinese zodianc. I don't believe the forces of the super creepy natural are good things to follow or search for answers from however I did think this was entertaining.

ARIES - The Daredevil (Mar 21 - April 19) Energetic, Adventurous and spontaneous. Confident and enthusiastic. Fun. Loves a challenge. EXTREMELY impatient. Sometimes selfish. Short fuse. (Easily angered.) Lively, passionate, and sharp wit. Out going. Lose interest quickly - easily bored. Egotistical. Courageous and assertive. Tends to be physical and athletic.

My analysis of its accuracy is thus: Don't know how big of a daredevil i am. However, my mind automatically thinks of a physical daredevil, which would SO. Not. Be. Me! But i guess if i consider dare devil of life risks, IE marrying man i knew in person 2 weeks from online, moving to live with him in MT, adopting 5 children at the same time, moving to TX and buying a sight unseen house, eating at Chinese restaurants who have lots of cats wandering around it. Ya know.. call me Evil Kenevils twin. At first glance some may say i am crazy, impulsive or need to be risky. In reality, i am directly the opposite. I need to be sure it is the right thing. For that i rely heavily on inspiration or a connection with God. There are some things I feel that when God says are decision good for my life, that i need to listen and act on those things. It has been when i don't that i have more regrets.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oed to the Loop!

What a nice day i had visiting with Becky Jean, Melissa and Verlyn Berg. They have finally arrived and have a lovely apartment in Euless. I am looking forward to getting to know them all a bit better. I have been informed of the Blogging rule form Becky about occasionally leaving a post. She is trying to bring me up to speed.
I truly am grateful for the friendship the "loop" has provided me in my life. I have always appreciated their love and concern for my life. It is nice to have people that even though we may not see each other that often, i know that if i ever need them they will offer support and spiritually slap me from afar, or laugh and tell me how stupid i am but they love me anyway. It reminds me of that saying that friends are family we choose.

I am often felt like i am on the fringe of the "loop", i have lived farther away from the core group for much longer than everyone. I think they just involve me because they feel obligated since technically i am responsible for bringing those crazy people together. I am grateful they still include me. I know you guys have had lots of fun without me, and been able to nourish and cultivate your relationships much more than i have with you. I will always be grateful for the kindness and love you all have continued to show me over the years. I appreciate you and know that your spirits line the walls of my life. Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Great!! Like i needed another obsession

I have been trying to adapt my page today. Don't know that is is what i want yet. But i must say i am ever so happy because my scrap book pages can link up to the page. I am EV so happy about that. I have been scrap booking my heart out lately and now i have an easy avenue to show them off. So eventually the page may take FOREVER to load. But now it shouldn't be too bad.


Ok, after a conversation today with Becky Jean and the words, "Oh, You OBVIOUSLY don't read my blog" came out of her mouth several times. I guess i have to get with the program. So here we are! The Blog gauntlet has been thrown down. I was hoping to get my husband excited about a blog challenge... but he just lowered his book and looked at me. So i guess that answers that.