Saturday, October 25, 2008

Volunteer Central-

So this week was Leelani's School Fall Social. Of course i am kinda of in charge of it from being PTA president. We chose a fear factor theme and had a rock wall, carnival, dancing, obstacle course and of course gross food. I did cow stomach lining, cow tongue, weird sardine mash, fish eyes (dried pickled cocktail onions). Everyone had a great time, but i am glad it is over!!!

Kaiyla (left) and Nikki (right) were the most creepy talked about thing. Kaiyla's was hilarious!!! As soon as we put the makeup on her she got her evil face on and would creep around and crawl around looking mean. Every once in a while they would reach out and gently grab someone ankles. OOOHHH that was a hit. I heard people everywhere talking about "those creepy little girls." When parents would tell me how creepy they were I simply said, try living with them. HA!

We did a haunted house, i made a 12 foot skeleton thingy to hang from the ceiling. We had the kids dressed sort of like the grudge face kids. They were uber creepy. It was fun. It is amazing when you phone number is out their for public comment and question how many weird things come crawling through the phone line. So i drug myself home at 11pm from cleaning up and counting all the money, and woke early in the am to realize i had to make spirit sticks and it was my week to work the concession stand for Leelani's Cheer team. I am just tired of being a public free servant this week. Will be nice to rest tomorrow. OH wait it is Sunday, there is certainly no rest tomorrow. Better get my lesson ready to teach kids tomorrow and write a 2 talks for my kids to give at church. I am hoping this is just a busy time of year and not my new life for good.


Becky Jean said...

The costumes look awesome! Good job, PTA Prez.

Organized Chaos said...

You are amazing! I could not even start to do half the things that you do. If we eat it is an accomplishment for me.