Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Hide-a-ways

What do you do when the hurricane is lapping at you cities door? When the news tell you to stay in doors? Well you make Cookies! Lots & Lots of


We have had our first ever COOKIE-PALOOZA! You make as many different kinds of cookies as you can stand. We are in no danger what so ever. It is windy and rainy but the kids were a bit freaked from talking about the storm at school so much. We had a great day and got some cleaning done. I laughed hard, my children have changed the words to the song "Follow the Prophet, don't go astray" They have been singing "Follow directions, don't stop and play". I laughed very hard. I like it and i think it is our new theme song.

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Organized Chaos said...

There can never be enough cookies. Glad the hurrican didn't affect you guys!!