Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spirit Sticks for Cheer

Apparently there are some traditions and customs for cheerleaders here in TX that i am not aware of. My naivety could be an embarrassing problem for my daughter. She brought home a paper that said they needed toilet paper rolls and candy for "spirit Sticks". Well i interpreted toilet paper rolls as rolls of toilet paper. So we got home and i got her a four pack of toilet paper out. I thought about what a "spirit Stick" with toilet paper could be. I envisioned them putting the toilet paper on a dowel rod and letting it stream behind them as they ran around the field.

When mentioned to a friend that i bet the groundskeepers were not happy with all the toilet paper at the games, she crinkled her face and started asking questions. When she finished laughing her makeup off, she told me i was fired from anything related to cheer and my daughter was suppose to call her and get approval from anything i told her, so i didn't embarrass her.

Apparently "spirit sticks" are made by filling the cardboard toilet paper rolls with candy then making them look like tootsie roll presents. Ok so i am daft.