Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HO hum!

Well i should be running around cleaning... but that is not happening. I painted a room yesterday and apparently my legs didn't like all the up and down on the chair. I am very sore and tired. I had some health issues that wore me out last week and i am tyring to find the energy to do anything constructive. OH well.. i need a 5 hour energy shot and i will be fine.

We are having a bad week with our kids completely ignoring us. I get very tired of little people doing whatever they want to do. It is very frustrating. I understand it from the 4 year old... but from an eleven year old? That is the one that gets to me. She should know better. Apparently we are not threatening enough. I guess we have to work on what will really bother her. Right now she is in her bedroom allegedly cleaning it. We shall see how that goes for her.

I think i am overwhelmed this week. Just too much to do, not enough time and not feeling very well still. OH Well life will go on.