Friday, November 7, 2008

Cleaning Extravaganza!

Well i have just informed the children that tommorrow we are cleaning!!! They are not so happy. I am thrilled. I am going to have to pull out my creativeness to get them motivated. The last month has played out like this... Nikki brought the flu into the house, it then worked through all the kids one by one. Of course we have so many kids that by the time it was done we started all over again. So my puke scrubbing for two weeks led to me screwing up my back. Well i tried to be good and not do too much, but i always did just enough that i had a good day and three bad ones. And of course in the middle of it all we had to stop and decorate for Halloween. So my house is a white hot mess!!! I just don't even want to come home, so it is time to see if i can screw my back up again by doing a major cleaning day. Time to get the rake out and clean under beds and backs of closets too. I loooove to see their faces when i pull the rake out to check way back under the bunk beds. I think we may do a preliminary toy toss from the play room to start preparing for the Christmas onslot. OHHH i love to make kids miserable!


Melissa said...

I love how you write it all out for those that were not invited to the cleaning extravaganza. Sounds simply awful - thanks for sharing. I am taking notes for when LaRee is of age.

Organized Chaos said...

We have days like that all the time. My kids think I am a freak. I really don't know when you sleep!