Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have a SNEECRET!

That is not a typo, the twins pronounce the word secret as a "sneecret". It is so cute we haven't really corrected it yet. Although , when they are 18 it won't be so cute. But then again when they are 18 i will be so busy regretting that we laughed when they used to say "What Everrrr LOSERRRR!!, i won't be so worried about the sneecret impediment. Their secret tonight was they got a strawberry sundae from Dairy Queen while their siblings were at a swimming birthday party at a hotel. My "sneecret" is i got to play mommy at 3 am and scrub strawberry puke off the couch cushions outside in my pajamas. Oh the joy of sick children!!! Yet another difference in the twins, Kaiyla will let it fly where ever she is. Nikki, well, Nikki will hold it in her mouth until she gets to the toilet. As nasty as that sounds, as grossed out as i am by it, it does en deer her to me even more. Just thought I would share since I am wide awake after my outdoor my pine sol aroma therapy session.