Sunday, December 13, 2009


It is Holiday Choir Concert time again... She is getting so grown up! She is an Alto and sad about it, soprano is so much more fun! I understand, i used to be a soprana, now i am more an alto but i only know the soprano parts, so i guess that makes me an Tenor now. HA HA

The FREEEEZING performance at 6 flags we fun. I got to be a chaperone. I made it out alive with all of my charges intack. YEAH!!!

LOWE'S Build and Grow

Lowe's has a great program to help kids learn how to do woodworking. We go a couple of times a month and build something. They have pre done kits with pre drilled holes to make it nice and easy. The kids LOVE IT! They get these cute aprons and goggles. Every time they build a new project they get a patch much like a boyscout patch. The patch goes on the apron. They have a great time.

The first time we went, Tyrell made a special point to thank me for taking them. That seems to be my guage for how much they actually liked something.

They have sticker packets so they can decorate it when they are done. It works out GREAT!

Ponder Panthers Sugar Shack!

It has been a busy school year! We just finished the PTA Float for the Town Parade. Out of 50 amazing floats we got The Most Holiday Spirit award. We were very proud. The kids walked in the parade, funny how kids can walk miles and miles to go to the park, but yet the 1/2 mile parade was taking SOOOOO LOOOONG!!! HA HA

It was fun but I am glad that it is all over!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh the twins were so proud to pick out their own back packs. The boys have customized Rangers back packs. The artwork is on the straps so they can see them. SOmetime i am glad i am so artsy. HA HA

Here they are lined up before they go inside for their first official day. Tyrell was too cool to let e go to class with him. The twins were excited but a little bit nervous. They did great after a bit.
Here was the walk to school. A lot of them ran, Nikki held my hand for a while because she was so nervous. She went as far as to share that her stomach hurt.

We mad eit through the week all right. They had a good week and the twins think they should be able to walk to school all by themselves. They get mad when we wont let them. Ohhhhh they want to get old too fast.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


We have found a FABULOUS lake spot!!!
Same lake just a different part and it is SO much cleaner and has actual sand and not just mushy silt.
You can see the Marina so it makes it feel more like an exotic destination and not a weird swamp.
We rafted and Bill triedtoconvince them there was an alligator near a buoy. They were too smart to beleive it. Even when the alligator allegedly drug meunder the water, they laughed.

The kids collected shells.

I did not get sunburned, all was well.

Friday, July 24, 2009


We went to Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose TX and swam with the footprint fossils from real Dinosaurs. We went with the Holt's and The Green Family. The kids had a great time and of course Bill and I got sun burned and our kids just got more beautifully bronze.
Chicken fighting is good for the soul!

Bill is quite the cheater,he chose to try and chicken fight from below too. Joke is on him, he dislocated his shoulder trying to sweep my legs from under me.

"The Summer Fun Kid Crew"
Top left- Lani, Jessica,Tyrell, Anthony, Josh
Bottom left-Connor, Kaiyla, Sam, Nikki

Tyrell and Josh sizing up how big they think that Dinosaur would have been. We had a great time swimming and hiking to some other footprints after our picnic.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Leelani left for her very first Young Women's experiance and it happened to be GIRLS CAMP! YEAH FOR HER! I loved girls camp growing up. She will actually turn 12 a day after camp but they let her go.
What a wonderful way to be welcomed in.
I hope this will help make her feel part of the YW program faster.
They had a huge trailor they loaded all of the luggage in. Leelani was very excited to be able to go with them.
Ok the fact that she is grounded this month and she is going to camp
in the middle of the grounding probably make it seem extra sweet to her.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Well I Presided over my very last PTA meeting this year. It was a fun and interesting introduction into PTA. I was very touched the ladies got me a cake that said Thank You Paula and a card with gift cards to Texas Road House and for pedicures. YEAH that just made my day. It was a lot of hard work and it was very nice that they honored me in that way. It somehow really did make it all worth it. Next year I am the historian and I vowed to be at only one school too. I will have 4 going to the same school for a couple more years, that will be a pleasant break. So I will settle in to the PTA that I have the most children on. It was a learning experiance and I got to know a lot more people and feel more of the community. And more importantly i had many chances to embarass Leelani, and it doesn't get any better than that!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leelani and I got our first ride in a stretch Hummer limo. It was huge and would seat 18. There was a group of ten of us for our friend Katie's birthday. We took the Limo and went bowling.

We went bowling. I have not been in ages and Leelani had never been. I am proud of her she never fell on her shoes and she never released the ball back into the crowd. So she did good.
Katie however took the biggest spread eagle belly flop I have ever seen halfway down the lane. But her mother was ready with the video camera, apparently she knows her daughter and knew it would be film worthy.

Leelani got to play with the camera on the way back home and strut her inner super model.

Ya know the limo thing is cool but i have to rant. The price of them are not too bad, (not that i paid i have looked into them before though) But they have a three hour minimum. So essentially you pay for it to take you somewhere, then you pay for it to sit in the parking lot while you eat, bowl whatever. So it is kind of a rip off that way. I bet they would have more clientell if they raise the hourly price just a smidge and then let people go hour by hour. I think it would open up the market more and have more people use them. But hey, if I ever have an extra bazillion dollars to buy a hummer limo service that is what i would do.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twins B day!

We had two seperate parties this year.
We had them at school so their school friends could attend.
We danced and danced!
They got to open a couple of presents at school.

And they danced some more...

Then it was Nikki's turn, we moved to her
classroom and sang and opened presents.

Then we came home and sang to them again and let them
eat their little seperate cakes...
And of course we opened up a few more presents.
It was a great day! I just can't believe how big they are getting.
My babies are FIVE!!!

I am going to try to post to my blog from my phone. This is a test, of the emergency blogging systems.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We played with my friend Trish's puppies. They are a mixed breed collie and cocker spaniel. So we have decided they must me Collie Spaniels. The kids had a great time. Puppies are always fun.

Everyone picked their favorite puppy and got to pamper it for awhile. Trish said the puppies have never been so calm. They didn't have to fight for attention.

It was another great day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We took a non traditional approach to Egg decorating this year. We rolled, baked and decorated Easter cookies instead of dying eggs. Easter kind of stuck up on us. I have decided I like to hide plastic eggs, it is so much better to mow over a lost one of those than a rotten real egg.

The kids were very creative and had a lot of fun doing it. Of course they didn't mind that they get to eat the first cookie they made.

I was so very impressed at how well they rolled out the cookies this time. They are getting so much better at it. Of course the Christmas cookie cutter with lots of narrow areas make it harder. So I guess from now on We will only decorate round christmas bulbs. HA! OR ...maybe it means I need to use this exam same recipe.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


After a very long week i am glad to be resting. However i am sad that it is flat on my back. Overtaxed my body and tweaked my back. Glad it was General Conference so i could take a day on the couch. Hopefully i will be 100% tomorrow. I am avoiding calls this week to make up for an over busy last week. HA

Monday, March 30, 2009


SO this will be a week with no mom at home at night. MONDAY- So i had to go shopping for all the food for the PTA Open House dinner tomorrow and delivered it to all the various ovens. Then I had to run to school and take an exam, for which I was not as prepared as I would have liked. Then we get to go to an open house for Tyrell and Anthony's school. TUESDAY-Tomorrow I get to finish up all the silent auction baskets from people who don't understand what a deadline is. Then set up for the dinner, and the auction. WEDNESDAY-I have cub scouts. Thursday I have a PTA meeting that will run fairly long because it is nominating time for next years board. I WILL SOON BE DONE YEAHHH!!! I am looking forward to being a nameless grunt again. I will get to spend Friday evening at home with my family. I really hate weeks like this. I will be happy when it is over. Then I am going to turn my phone of and hide in my room for a week to recover. Just not looing forward to it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I had another fun day with the twins. I kept them from preschool today and we played. We went to a new park. There were ducks and geese at this park. We went to feed the geese and two HUUUUGE geese came straight at us and attacked us. It even came up and started biting my toes. I was distracted by Nikki running away screaming, "MAMMA THEY ARE FREAKING ME OUT!!!" I tried hard to get that on video but I too was running from the crazy geese. This park had a three story play structure. After Kaiyla went down the slide she came and told me, "That was kinda creepy!" Oh I love the twins vocabulary. They crack me up.
Maybe they watch too much Disney Channel with Lani.

The squirell's at this park are not afraid of people. As you can see here by how incredibly close the squirell's would get to the girls. The squirell's obviously don't know the twins reputation or they never would have been so brave.

The girls went back to the geese while I stayed at aour picnic table with out things. The squirell apparently wasn't through begging for food. Pretty soon he came over and started scratching at my toe nail polish. That was as Kaiyla would say, "a little bit creepy."

The day was broken by two simultanious claps of thunder, which of course was followed by two screams and two little black heads hurling their way back to me on their tip toes screaming IT'S GONNA RAIN!!!