Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well Bill has been working on cleaning carpets. I think i should have stayed away longer, cause now it looks like i am working on them. It is amazing how big the room seems when you are shuffling along at such a low pace. They look so much better that the kids may never get to come in from outside. HA HA. How come the only time they want inside is when you tell them they can't come in? Oh well one day they will be all clean then i would have to start over where i started. If we ever build a custom home. I am going to have a drain installed in the kitchen. Just like you see at fast food places, they soap up the floor then squeegee it down the drain. That and of course i will have one whole wall that is a urinal in the boys bathroom.

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Sarah said...

Love the drain idea!...I'm all for that. I love the picture of your beautiful family all in white!! Yeah, the whole blogging thing is fun. I think I am addicted and Rhett just doesn't understand how much fun it is!:)