Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We are now a forever family!!!
Ok ,ok ,ok we know about the whole endure to the end in obedience thing. It was a lovely day in Dallas.
We went to the temple at 12 to fill out necessary paperwork. I guess they want to make sure you didn't pick up random kids are are being sealed to them. Anyway it was sort of cute, as soon as they pinned that little yellow slip on me that said we were part of a sealing, EVERY little old lady that saw stopped me. The first question out of all their mouths, "Are you part of that family with 5 kids being sealed.?" So i told the story about 15 times. They then had to all get permission to sneak down and see our children. I had two of them come back to me weepy eyed telling me how beautiful my kids were.
I must admit they were adorable! I had these little tuxes for the boys and the gossamer sash dresses for all the girls. They looked so cute and were so quiet. I was very happy with how well they did. They thought it was great. Of course it was just because they didn't have to go to school today. HA HA.
Directness is a family virtue!
So my father tell this story about a sealing he went to recently that the sealer went on so long that halfway through the sealing the kids were standing on the alter. Then he gave a little spill about how you just can't be long winded when you have kids involved. The sealer snapped his head and looked at dad... dad just nodded at the sealer. Apparently my dad was putting him on notice. HA! I had no idea this happened till afterward when my friends and Bill was talking about it. Oh well.. the sealer was short and to the point. After Bill told me about it i sort of slapped my head and told him that made me feel like part of the Mormon Mafia.
I did very good and did not cry. I am amazed at that myself I cry at Chuck E Cheese for heavens sake but i didn't at the temple. There were a coule of times i lost it a little, but i recovered fast.
First was when we were all walking in passed the man that checks reccomends. I was behind them and saw all my little ones with their arms folded in there sunday clothes following the temple matron.
Second was when the people that came to watch the sealing came in. I was shocked at some of the ladies that came. It meant a lot to me. I was indeed very happy and relieved it is finally finished.
We are official in heaven and on earth. Thanks for all the well wishes! We love and appreciate you!


aerobuff said...

what a beautiful family! The twins look so grown up, and everyone looks so adorable. (Why can't I find a stylish Temple dress? Only you can pull that off, Paula!)

Thank you so much for posting pictures and keeping us updated.


Becky Jean said...

A thousands congratulations and best wishes. Melissa called me right away to tell me all about the sealing. She said everyone looked so beautiful! I am so happy for all of you.

Organized Chaos said...

Everyone looks so beautiful. Congratulations. Why didn't you want to cry at the temple?

The Carlisle's said...

It is not that i really didn't want to, i am just amazed that i didn't turn into a blubbering basket case. I think i was too focused on making sure the twins did ok. They are not the quietest or most respectful when they have to be. NIkki takes someone telling her what to do as a personal challenge

Charlotte Geary said...

How wonderful! These photos are gorgeous, and I'm so happy for you.