Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Great!! Like i needed another obsession

I have been trying to adapt my page today. Don't know that is is what i want yet. But i must say i am ever so happy because my scrap book pages can link up to the page. I am EV so happy about that. I have been scrap booking my heart out lately and now i have an easy avenue to show them off. So eventually the page may take FOREVER to load. But now it shouldn't be too bad.


Robyn said...

Hey - this is soooo cool!!! Thanks for inviting me - I will check back periodically. I love the music and the family photo!

Kristi said...


Hey it is Jason and Kristi Whetten (your long lost cousins from AZ). We are so glad you are blogging now. It will allow us to keep up on your family. You can check our blog out as well.