Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy Halloween! The kids had a great time! We had a fairy, a Genie, a two headed monster, a scream guy and a sassy pirate. I should have known the night would not be my favorite when the jello brain i made for dinner to be cool did not go over well. Apparently it looked so good they were grossed out and thought i was trying to feed them raw brain. Even after telling them what it was and them watching me eat it, they did not want any part of it.

If there is a Halloween equivalent to "Ba HUM BUG" I need to know it. I was sure feeling it at only 7:15 last night. I was ready to send every one to bed and turn the light of and lock the outside door.
I usually love Halloween, but after decorating and then taking our kids trick or treating for a Little while I was so done!Everyone (including me) was so over stimulated they wouldn't listen to anything. They had a good time and were super cute, but i am glad that it is over with. The excitement of the event was killing everyone. To my sweet children's credit, it was the excitement of getting to wear our new costumes and wear make up. The candy was incidental. I appreciate that they are not real candy crazy.