Friday, December 19, 2008

School Christmas Parties!

WHEW!!! The week is over and I am so glad!!! I have been out of school and it is a good thing. This week has been crazy with PTA Angel tree pass outs, student behavior incentive stores, teacher appreciate lunches and school parties in 5 different classrooms at 3 different schools. I guess this is good, cause now I am excited for the kids to be out of school for winter break, just so i don't have to make an appearance at any of their schools. It has been good in that i felt like a good involved mom this week.

Now that I look around my house I just don't feel very Christmas-ey. The Christmas spirit always seemed to be alive and well in my mothers house. I might have to reclaim the stereo I gave to Leelani so i can start piping some Bing Crosby throughout the house. Maybe that will help. We have had the tree up and the lights on it for ages but still haven't decorated it. So tomorrow we are going to finish decorating the tree, put out the nativity scene and finally hang the stocking. Currently they are in a pile next to where they need to be hung.

We have been doing the 12 days of Christmas to 5 families, so we have been busy making those everyday and delivering. The kids have been doing great. We love to watch the twins sneak. It is pretty amusing. Bill tells them they do their Native American ancestors proud with their sneaking skills. Kaiyla tells us it is because she is a little bit super hero. I must agree. It will soon be time to break out Christmas Vacation and really start to feel the holiday. I am surprised that the traditional Christmas shows are not on TV. I blame part of not feeling the holiday spirit on that. However my children think Shrek the Halls is a classic, so maybe I am excited about not seeing some of the shows. I am trying hard not to watch anything on the Hallmark channel or USA. Those can be very tear jerking and suck you in even if you don't think you are interested. BEWARE of those hokey movies, they will draw you in and keep you awake till all hours of the morning.

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