Friday, August 8, 2008

Aries Personality Traits

OK i got sent an email that had one of those astrological personality profiles. I know the chinese zodiac says i am a RAT. I must admit it is scarey how accurate that one is. I do not live my life by signs, astrological nor chinese zodianc. I don't believe the forces of the super creepy natural are good things to follow or search for answers from however I did think this was entertaining.

ARIES - The Daredevil (Mar 21 - April 19) Energetic, Adventurous and spontaneous. Confident and enthusiastic. Fun. Loves a challenge. EXTREMELY impatient. Sometimes selfish. Short fuse. (Easily angered.) Lively, passionate, and sharp wit. Out going. Lose interest quickly - easily bored. Egotistical. Courageous and assertive. Tends to be physical and athletic.

My analysis of its accuracy is thus: Don't know how big of a daredevil i am. However, my mind automatically thinks of a physical daredevil, which would SO. Not. Be. Me! But i guess if i consider dare devil of life risks, IE marrying man i knew in person 2 weeks from online, moving to live with him in MT, adopting 5 children at the same time, moving to TX and buying a sight unseen house, eating at Chinese restaurants who have lots of cats wandering around it. Ya know.. call me Evil Kenevils twin. At first glance some may say i am crazy, impulsive or need to be risky. In reality, i am directly the opposite. I need to be sure it is the right thing. For that i rely heavily on inspiration or a connection with God. There are some things I feel that when God says are decision good for my life, that i need to listen and act on those things. It has been when i don't that i have more regrets.


aerobuff said...

Yep, that description is so you! And you are absolutely positively a daredevil! When I think of our escapades...who was the scaredy cat? Certainly not you! Plus, your later life adventures most certainly grant you "daredevil" status.

I am hungry, so thanks for making me think of "Autumn Moon" (cats and all...)


Organized Chaos said...

Love that your blogging. Everything you write is always so very interesting to read. Miss you guys.