Monday, March 30, 2009


SO this will be a week with no mom at home at night. MONDAY- So i had to go shopping for all the food for the PTA Open House dinner tomorrow and delivered it to all the various ovens. Then I had to run to school and take an exam, for which I was not as prepared as I would have liked. Then we get to go to an open house for Tyrell and Anthony's school. TUESDAY-Tomorrow I get to finish up all the silent auction baskets from people who don't understand what a deadline is. Then set up for the dinner, and the auction. WEDNESDAY-I have cub scouts. Thursday I have a PTA meeting that will run fairly long because it is nominating time for next years board. I WILL SOON BE DONE YEAHHH!!! I am looking forward to being a nameless grunt again. I will get to spend Friday evening at home with my family. I really hate weeks like this. I will be happy when it is over. Then I am going to turn my phone of and hide in my room for a week to recover. Just not looing forward to it.