Monday, March 9, 2009

Where has the time gone?

WOW it has been so long since i posted. Sorry about that. You havn't missed much except for a whole lot of fever, throwing up, infections and stitches. It has not been a great time for sickness for out family. We snuck away to San Antonio one weekend with out friend Amber and her kids. It was really quite lovely there, more hills than here but still very green. Riverwalk was gorgeous. Of course the kids enjoyed the time in the pool the most. I enjoyed laying on a lounge chair and reading.
When we came home i had two kids that had fevers and we have been trading it around ever since. Our littlest one finally had to go on antibiotics for crud in her lungs. Then last week at cub souts, Tyrell took a catapult mishap in the face and got five stitches. It was a fun ER night.

Bill work is still weird as ever, there are rumours daily they are going to shut down his center. We will see, now they are talking about switching to 3 12 hr and one 8 hour days to cut down on people calling off sick.

I was braggin at church about how today i would finally have all my kids well enough that they would all go to school today. (monday) Well within the hour i started throwing up and had to come home, now this morning Leelani started throwing up as well. UUUUGGGGHHH!!!