Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankfullness Count Down!

Over on Facebook, we have been posting things we are thankful for everyday as a countdown to Thanksgiving day. I thought i needed to bring them here as well.

Thankful log Day 1: Thankfull for the song Ninety and Nine by Michael McLean. Ever since hearing it a few weeks ago at the Time of For Women, i have been so touched by it. We always hear songs about our Savior out looking for the lost souls... We rarely hear a song written just for those of us who try day after day and follows the Savior with all our flaws.

Thankful log Day 2: Thankful for modern technology and that i don't have to build a fire every day to cook or make my own flour or gather my own eggs. I am greatful for grocery stores and all the modern conveinances we have.

Thankful log Day 3: My kids are growing older and smarter at a normal rate. They are getting big dreams and starting to have goals for their futures! Coincidentally this makes them ask for more and more expensive things at Christmas time.

Thankful log Day 4: I am thankful for lovely energetic children that actually want to talk to me. Hopefully we can work it out so it is not all at the same time. That gets hard.

Thankful log Day 5: Love it when my children are happy in the mornings and for one on one time with sick kids. Very important when we have higher numbers... everyone needs it!

Thankful log Day 6:
Grateful for the gorgeous FALL weather we are having and the fantastic world GOD has created.

Thankful log Day 7: I am greatful for a wonderful loving husband; who makes me laugh, cry and want to hit him... Sometimes all at the same time. He is an amazing father, husband and my perfect match. I thank God every day for bringing us together!

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