Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Had a lesson on Gratitude for FHE

Last night for Family Home Evening we talked about Gratitude. First of all, Anthony actually remembered that President Monson's talk was on Gratitued... I was floored and so proud of him. We all shared ways we can show gratitude and each kid wrote down 5 things they are grateful for and drew pictures. I have to say... Mom, Dad and Hot Chocolate made the same list. I have been letting them have hot chocolate at least once a day. It was a big hit!

Thankful Log Day 9- I am grateful and truly blessed by the wonderful Carlisle Family I have married into. I am so glad we spent our first 7 years living in MT getting to know them and feel a part of them. I am amazed time ang again at the generosity they pour out to the world! We are very proud of you all!

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