Saturday, November 13, 2010

School SMHOOL!

Feeling a bit distgruntled that after all these years of schooling it seems like there is so much more left to do. Each transfer doesn't want to accept the other credits.. blah blah blah. Get tiresome. I have so many classes that can't be used for anything... BUT I guess i have lots of great information! HA.. I keep hoping there will come a time that i will be able to use them. We shall see. I will keep plugging away and see if Leelani graduates college before me.

Thankful log Day 13- I am grateful for the blessings, gifts and talents that my Heavenly Father has so abundantly given me.

Thankful log Day 12- I am thankful for my Robinson family. I am grateful for all the gifts and lessons they have instilled me with and the fun active life we led growing up. They have alwasy been so very talented and supportive. I don't get to see them very often but they have left a stamp on my life. I am appreciate of my father who never said "we can't do that". But who always said, "You know what else would be cool!" Then had the wits and creativity to make is happen.

Thankful log Day 11- I am thankful for all the selfless men and women of the armed forces, emergency services, all law enforcement officers / agencies and organizations as well as security forces that help to keep us safe.

Thankful log Day 10- I am thankful for washing machines and dryers. I can't imagine how long i would spend doing my families laundry wihtout them. I guarantee we would not have as many clothes to our name if i had to do them all by hand.

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