Friday, April 30, 2010

Visitors from MT, AK, AL... YEAH!!!

March 2nd we were descended upon by Carlisle's!!! Jim, Evelyn, Heather, Christine, Kenny and Baby James. We were very blessed to have them visit... We miss them!

We were very lucky and had the whole Carlisle Clan come to visit this Easter. Anthony's birthday happened while they were here so he felt like he celebrated all week long. JW and his handlers came as well. It was nice that the cousins were able to get to know each other a bit.

The game was nice... it wasn't so crowded where we were so we could stretch out. It was a beautiful night as well.
The kids got to stare and Grandma in shock as she yelled her particular brand of motivation at the team.

Here is Grandma and Grandpa with their grandchildren.

We all had a great time... The boys have really taken to baseball.

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