Friday, February 12, 2010

Texas Blizzard???

The kids were so excited about not having school... the only problem was they missed out on their Valentine's Day parties.
(Please note the snow skateboard on Tyrell's snow dude.)
I thought the song was called Texas Tornado...
not Texas BLIZZARD?
We got about a foot of snow this past couple of days. This a lot of snow for us! Everyone else was so excited... Bill and I help saying, "Didn't we move away from all this?"

Kaiyla is a harsh supervisor... she was not happy with my first attempts at a snowman head. She kept telling me to make it rounder. Luckily I discovered the snow packed well enough i could use a knife. HA HA FINALLY i came up with one that made her happy. Anthony was grounded and he got a reprieve to come and play in the snow. He was pretty glad.

Everybody worked hard on their own snow dude.

Anthony helped me make a TX snowman...

Kaiyla worked hard on hers...
It all started of course with a nice snowball fight!
I particulary enjoyed the argument the twins got in because trees kept dropping a bit of snow on them, and they kept accusing the other twin. It was quite funny. They each were convinced the other one was telling a lie about not throwing snow. Whish I really wish I would have videoed it.

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jeanene said...

All we got was a little rain. I'm envious. Love seeing your cute family and the creativity is wonderful.