Saturday, January 17, 2009

School Break's Over!!!

What a GLORIOUS break from schook I have had. Next week that is all over. I purchased my books and am ready to begin. It always amazes me how EXPENSIVE the books can be. We have another basketball game today and the twins are suppose to go to a Birthday party. They are going to be ticked off when they find out I can't be in two places at once! I hate that part about Bill's new schedule, but the time of feeling like a single mom is for the most part over. He gets off early enough in the day that it is only Saturday's and Sundays that I feel abandoned. In reality it goes smoother without him, it is almost like when he comes it throws off our routine and the kids do dumb things. We just love him and want him to be involved.
Honestly after last weeks basketball games he needs to see the comic relief of the boys playing first hand. Anthony is in Kindergarden, and played his first basketball game. he played the whole game with his hands raised up in the air to block. Even when he was running down the court at full speed. He also was guarding his own team mate quite well. Who can blame him, it was the kid they put him against in practice, so he was still following what he was told. Then there was a boy on his team whose shorts fell down around his ankles but he never pulled them up. He just kept running up and down the court with his pants down. OHHH GOOD TIMES!

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Organized Chaos said...

Oh please we don't hardly let Daniel come home any more. Just kidding but he certainly does throw off my groove.