Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I had another fun day with the twins. I kept them from preschool today and we played. We went to a new park. There were ducks and geese at this park. We went to feed the geese and two HUUUUGE geese came straight at us and attacked us. It even came up and started biting my toes. I was distracted by Nikki running away screaming, "MAMMA THEY ARE FREAKING ME OUT!!!" I tried hard to get that on video but I too was running from the crazy geese. This park had a three story play structure. After Kaiyla went down the slide she came and told me, "That was kinda creepy!" Oh I love the twins vocabulary. They crack me up.
Maybe they watch too much Disney Channel with Lani.

The squirell's at this park are not afraid of people. As you can see here by how incredibly close the squirell's would get to the girls. The squirell's obviously don't know the twins reputation or they never would have been so brave.

The girls went back to the geese while I stayed at aour picnic table with out things. The squirell apparently wasn't through begging for food. Pretty soon he came over and started scratching at my toe nail polish. That was as Kaiyla would say, "a little bit creepy."

The day was broken by two simultanious claps of thunder, which of course was followed by two screams and two little black heads hurling their way back to me on their tip toes screaming IT'S GONNA RAIN!!!

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Organized Chaos said...

Fun that you kept them home. I do that every once in a while. I just miss them so we take the day off. Carly was traumatized for life one time with a duck and a mongoose a local park. You never know what it can do to their growing brains.