Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leelani and I got our first ride in a stretch Hummer limo. It was huge and would seat 18. There was a group of ten of us for our friend Katie's birthday. We took the Limo and went bowling.

We went bowling. I have not been in ages and Leelani had never been. I am proud of her she never fell on her shoes and she never released the ball back into the crowd. So she did good.
Katie however took the biggest spread eagle belly flop I have ever seen halfway down the lane. But her mother was ready with the video camera, apparently she knows her daughter and knew it would be film worthy.

Leelani got to play with the camera on the way back home and strut her inner super model.

Ya know the limo thing is cool but i have to rant. The price of them are not too bad, (not that i paid i have looked into them before though) But they have a three hour minimum. So essentially you pay for it to take you somewhere, then you pay for it to sit in the parking lot while you eat, bowl whatever. So it is kind of a rip off that way. I bet they would have more clientell if they raise the hourly price just a smidge and then let people go hour by hour. I think it would open up the market more and have more people use them. But hey, if I ever have an extra bazillion dollars to buy a hummer limo service that is what i would do.

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