Friday, January 1, 2010

Bethelehm Revisited

Our friends told us about this reenactment of a night in Bethlehem. Think Renaissance Fair in the holy land. They have a permanent village set up and they have the craftsmen and artisans set up and they explain to all the kids how to do things. These ladies were knee ding bread and baking it in a wood powered brick oven. They gave away samples and handed them out with sage honey.
They had garment stores that they let all the people try on head scarves, the girls loved it.

They got to pet the camels, chickens, goats and see the donkey.

Then at the back side of the village they had a manger. Every 30 minutes Mary and Joseph would come through the town and try and find space at the inn.

This lady sold fabric and they had them making the fabric and rugs on site so they kids saw the looms. They also were spinning the yarn made from flax, sheep wool, camel hair, rabbit. The kids got to see all the different types of thread made.

They had the pottery makers, carvers, net menders and makers. It was much more historical and educational that i realized it would be. I thought it was cool and the kids had a great time.

They had markets and we tried to explain to the kids they didn't used to have Wal mart's. They think Wal-mart is easier. HA.

It was a great experience, on the way home we talked about how different it would have been to live then. I was hoping to create some gratitude for the things we do have in life.

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